dormakaba quattro pluS - Double locking cylinder - SKG 2

dormakaba quattro pluS - Double locking cylinder - SKG 2
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Product no.: SE_10K-Q SKG 2
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Products description

The dormakaba quattro pluS - double locking cylinder

SKG 2-star cylinder

The reversible key is technically very difficult to copy. The coding of the key is not done by drilling, but by a special milling process which disguises the exact position of the coding on the key. The coding is also applied to the edges of the key. This provides additional security against unauthorized key copying.


The system has up to 22 pairs of tumblers per cylinder side. Unlocking security is additionally increased by the use of special tumbler shapes. The block lengths of the tumbler pairs are always the same - this means maximum scanning security. Each of the tumbler pairs can be varied in several stages per cylinder side. The four rows of pins arranged radially to the cylinder center are not subject to any mutual variation restrictions.


Even in the locking system, the dormakaba quattro pluS modular system guarantees no loss of security compared to the single-locking cylinder by dispensing with multiple subdivisions of the tumblers.

What does the SKG certificate stand for?

Fittings that have been proven to be actually burglar-proof can be certified by the SKG certified and can or must then be indelibly marked with the SKG mark Stars.

The SKG certificate shows whether the hinges and locks comply with the Dutch standard (NEN5089) for strength and durability.
for strength and durability. Certification by the SKG also means that the quality of the of the products is monitored by SKG through random testing. When a product meets the requirements, it receives a star rating. The number of stars indicates the burglar resistance of the product. There are three different classifications:

  • 1 SKG star: standard burglar resistance.
  • 2 SKG stars: heavy burglary protection
  • 3 SKG stars: extra heavy burglary protection


Increased drilling protection BS2 (VdS B certification):
The dormakaba quattro pluS is tested according to EN 1303 locking security class 6 as standard. Locking security class 6 provides information on the high corrosion resistance at a temperature requirement of -20° C to +80° C.

When selecting the increased drilling protection BS2, the locking cylinder is automatically certified according to VdS class B(+). With the increased drilling protection BS2, the cylinder core (insert) is additionally protected by additional hard metal tumblers or vertically inserted hard metal longitudinal pins. This virtually eliminates the possibility of drilling into the cylinder core. The certification is engraved on the locking cylinder (see adjacent picture).

The locking cylinders, which are certified to VdS Class B(+), have medium security against burglary and high resistance to attacks with locking tools. They do not have an integrated pull protection and are therefore to be used together with a burglar-resistant door fitting with pull protection.

As soon as the locking cylinder is installed together with a door fitting with pull protection, it corresponds to attack resistance class 2, which withstands a drilling time of maximum 5 minutes.


  The new clip colours of the Smartkey reversible key from dormakaba

 Select the colour for your keys in the upper area
blueyellowgreenlight bluelight greenlight red
light purpleorangeredblackvioletwhithe

All our locking cylinders are supplied with a security card. This entitles you to have duplicate keys made. You can have duplicate keys made by us or by any authorized specialist store. Please note that duplicate keys - depending on the manufacturer - can cost many times more than the initial order.

Our locking cylinders are exclusively new goods, which can be ordered in any quantity. With our locking cylinders, you can also order additional locking cylinders later to match your order. For example, you can also order a single locking cylinder which you can combine with another locking cylinder of the same cylinder series at a later date, so that you can then open and lock both locking cylinders with just one set of keys (keyed alike). You can expand this as you wish with double locking cylinders, semi-locking cylinders or knob cylinders from the same series. Therefore, when ordering, make sure that the locking cylinders are not remnants or insolvency assets.

You can also reorder the ordered locking cylinders from us.

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