CES DU - Double locking cylinder

CES DU - Double locking cylinder
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Products description

The new CES DU double profile locking cylinder

Colouring of the locking cylinder: brass matt nickel-plate

The features of the CES DU system:

Optimum locking security
The DU locking system has 5 or 6 nickel silver pin tumblers per side. In addition, the DU system is characterised by the highest locking precision, maximum variation and effective cascaded security features.

Integrated spring-loaded drilling and pulling protection
All cylinders of the DU system have a spring-loaded drilling and pulling protection which simultaneously acts as an active locking element. Drilling is additionally made more difficult by the use of different materials, such as hardened core and housing pins. At least one housing pin and all core pins are made of hardened steel. Stepped locking pins, which tilt in the event of drilling, prevent the cylinder from opening.

Scanning lock
The specially designed and arranged locking elements of the DU locking system provide effective protection against manipulation.

Sturdy nickel silver key
The sturdy nickel silver key is particularly handy and manufactured according to DIN. The key neck, which is at least 14 mm long, is adapted to commercially available protective fittings with cylinder cover.

Optional equipment

Drilling and pulling protection BZ3:
Spring-loaded drilling and pulling protection - additional locking function by undercut scanning

The new CES cylinder has a spring-loaded locking element made of hardened special steel in the housing as an additional safeguard - in addition to the actual drilling and pulling protection with drilling protection plate and hard metal pins - which engages in the groove of the cylinder housing and thus locks the core against turning. This locking element performs a contour-related security check on the key. If the patented, non-copyable profile rib with undercut is present, the profile rib pulls the locking element back into the cylinder core, rotation is released.

2 tapping plates, 3 carbide pins and one drilling plate per cylinder side. Additionally with a spring-loaded locking element made of hardened special steel.

The spring-loaded swing lever TL - secure locking against rotation

The new DU locking cylinder has two patented swivelling levers arranged on one side, which perform a double security check on the long side of the key profile and are thus also effective against impact picking. Both swivelling levers are rotatably mounted and are held in their basic position by means of a pressure spring. The solid locking bar integrated behind them is pressed into a groove of the housing by means of a spring and thus effectively secures the core against turning.

An authorised key has two notches defined in depth and position on the key side. This brings the corresponding grooves of the locking lever into exactly the right position. The spikes of the locking bar can now engage; the lock is released. When inserting an unauthorised key, the swivelling levers remain in the basic position, the spindle attachments of the locking bar cannot engage, the locking bar is prevented from entering the core, the cylinder core cannot be turned.

The coding on the side of the key makes the security plus visible
On the side of the DU cylinder opposite the swing levers, up to five variably insertable, horizontally mounted control pins are integrated in the core as further security-critical features. Unauthorised keys do not have the corresponding drill recesses, so that when the key is inserted, the control pins press outwards into the housing groove and thus block the rotation of the cylinder core.

When an authorised key is used, however, the control pins are pressed towards the cylinder core, which is then released for rotation. The security advantage of the lateral coding is directly visible to the user, so the key is perceived as more valuable and secure.



All our locking cylinders are supplied with a security card. This entitles you to have duplicate keys made. You can have duplicate keys made by us or at any authorised specialist shop. Please note that duplicate keys - depending on the manufacturer - can cost many times more than the initial order.

Please note that the lock cylinders can be up to one millimetre longer. Especially doors without fittings (doors that are flat on the outside) or door fittings that have a rigid anti-drilling protection should pay attention to this. For this purpose, locking cylinders with an overall length of 27 or 28 millimetres on the outside are preferred.

Our locking cylinders are exclusively new goods that can be ordered in any quantity. With our locking cylinders, you can also order additional locking cylinders later to match your order. For example, you can also order a single locking cylinder which you can combine with another locking cylinder from the same cylinder series at a later date, so that you can then open and lock both locking cylinders with just one set of keys (keyed alike). You can expand this as you wish with double locking cylinders, semi-locking cylinders or knob cylinders of the same series. Therefore, when ordering, make sure that the locking cylinders are not remnants or insolvency assets.

You can also reorder the ordered locking cylinders from us.

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