Please note for door fittings with anti-drilling protection

If you use a door fitting with anti-drilling protection, you should pay attention to whether the anti-drilling protection allows a margin in the cylinder lengths. The picture opposite shows a door fitting with anti-drilling protection that allows the necessary leeway in the lengths of the locking cylinders. The front area, behind which the locking cylinder directly abuts, can be pushed outwards by about 3 - 5 millimetres. In this case, an exact length of the locking cylinder (to the millimetre) is not necessary, as the anti-drilling protection allows for a tolerance.

Please note the following special feature if a BKS janus 46 is to be used with an externally closed door fitting:

The BKS janus 46 locking cylinder itself has the dimension 30 or 31 millimetres in the basic length and - depending on the requirements - the extensions in 5 millimetre steps. However, the cylinder head still protrudes by about 2 millimetres. This must be taken into account with external fittings, which do not allow any tolerance.

Approx. 2 millimetre protrusion
If, for example, you need a locking cylinder with the exact length outside 30 / inside 30, i.e. an overall cylinder length of 60 millimetres, the BKS janus 46 will have an overall length of 64 to 65 millimetres - measured on the outside of the cylinder heads. In this example, the BKS janus 46 would not fit into the door lock, as the locking cylinder - should the outside fitting not allow for any clearance - would abut against the outside fitting and the fixing screw could not be fixed without resistance.

For locking cylinders that require an exact dimension, we recommend locking cylinders from KESO or dormakaba. These always have the exact dimension - even in the total cylinder length.

This problem does not occur if the outside fitting is open, i.e. you can insert the locking cylinder into the door lock from both the outside and the inside.