What does the SKG certificate stand for?

What does the SKG certificate stand for?

Building hardware that has been proven to be truly burglar-resistant can be certified by the SKG and may or should then be indelibly marked with the SKG star logo.

The SKG certificate shows whether the hinges and locks comply with the Dutch standard (NEN5089) for strength and durability.
for strength and durability. Certification by the SKG also means that the quality of the
of the products is monitored by the SKG through random tests. If a product meets the requirements, it receives a star rating. The number of stars indicates the burglar resistance of the product. There are three different classifications:

- 1 SKG star: standard burglar resistance.
- 2 SKG stars: heavy burglary protection
- 3 SKG stars: extra heavy burglary protection

Who carries the quality mark?
Manufacturers of hinges and locks carry the certificate on their tested products.

Who is the owner of the quality mark?
The quality mark is owned by the Foundation for Quality in Building.


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